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and re-evaluate what my souls purpose was. I was debating on quitting designing all together because I did not believe in what I was promoting within the corporation I was working for. I felt I was part of the problem within this world. I wanted more, my soul longed for more, I wanted to be part of the solution.

I am Amanda, the CEO of Visual Sugar Creative, We started out as a passion hobby for a creative outlet while working for a corporate company within the creative department where I was unable to be truly creative with all of the design constraints within a corporation. 
After a massive burnout I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and take a step back from creating


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After a lot of soul searching I pivoted.
I quit my job, started traveling the world and started designing for female-led companies who are

Creating Industry Disruptive Branding and Websites for Female Entrepreneurs 

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