I am the proud founder of Visual Sugar. With over 13 years of professional experience in the design industry, I have had the pleasure of working with small companies to corporate entities. 


May 20, 2023

As seen in Voyage magazine

 Are you looking to create a website for your business or brand? Well, you may be thinking that hiring a designer who only has experience in aesthetics and graphic design is enough. However, there's a crucial aspect of website design that is often overlooked - User Experience (UX). 


May 24, 2023

Why it is critical for your web designer to have UX experience

You might know that ADHD runs in my family, making us quite chatty and sometimes hyper (there are 2 types of ADHD - hyper-activity and attention deficit). But guess what? I consider my ADHD brain a superpower! It helps me hyper-focus, get things done, and maintain a hands-on approach. That's why I love designing and art so much.


June 20, 2023

How I stay organized as a business owner with adult ADHD

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