Let's take your  brick and mortar
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Creating industry leading Brands for Female CEO & entrepreneur. Creating ground breaking Brands for Female CEO & entrepreneur Creating  ground breaking Brands for Female

Creating industry leading Brands for Female CEO & entrepreneur. Creating ground breaking Brands for Female CEO & entrepreneur Creating  ground breaking Brands for Female

For the female CEO who's ready for:

A booklet for you and your team to stay on brand

A unique website that sets you apart from your competitors

Double their sales with a more user-friendly checkout process

Building trust with their potential clients

A high converting website that makes you more sales

An increase on their Instagram engagement rate

Are you ready?

Custom Brand Identity

You're not just looking for a brand; you're craving authenticity that hits differently. Your dream brand should talk straight to you tribe, boost your influence, and flaunt your expertise. We're about to deep-dive into some serious market magic, crafting a brand that's not just trendy Canva vibes – we're talking intention, strategy, and a touch of pure YOU.

Imagine this: Your brand becomes the powerhouse propelling your biz to success. It's not just a logo; it's the heartbeat of your journey. We're gonna make this process feel like sliding into your favorite pair of pajama pants – cozy, exciting, and screaming nothing but YOU.

Let's create a brand that's as real as the unfiltered you. No fluff, no fuss – just pure, unapologetic vibes tailored for your success story. Buckle up, babe; we're about to take your brand on a ride like no other! 

Authentically YOU

Starting at $3,500

What should I expect?

Week 4

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3





Your feedback takes center stage in Week 3, and together, we'll weave 2 rounds of revisions that bring your brand to its fullest potential. We're fine-tuning to create a masterpiece that resonates with your spirit.

As we enter Week 4, the stars align for the grand finale. We'll produce the final files of brand assets that includes a mystical instruction manual (brand standards). Your brand, now a cosmic wonder, is ready to embark on its journey, leaving a celestial impact wherever it goes! 

Week 2, where the real magic unfolds. We'll conjure up not one but two brand concepts, complete with enchanting mock-ups that transport you into the heart of your brand's essence. It's a visual feast that breathes life into your vision.

Our journey begins with a deep dive into your essence. We're not just about market analysis; we're on a quest to unveil the unique magic that sets your brand apart. We'll map out a strategy that's not just about succeeding but about aligning your brand with the cosmic forces of success.

What's Included

Brand Standards

A key component designed to elevate your brand consistently across all platforms. This guide unveils the essence of your brand through carefully curated fonts, a harmonious color palette, and captivating imagery that aligns seamlessly with your unique identity.

It goes beyond just visuals; it's a roadmap for maintaining the authenticity and impact of your brand. With this guide, you're equipped with the tools to ensure a unified and memorable brand experience in every aspect of your online presence. It's not just a package; it's a commitment to showcasing your brand at its absolute best. 

Brand Strategy 

A detailed report, meticulously crafted to provide valuable insights. Delve into audience analytics, undergo a thorough competitor analysis, and glean actionable insights for business enhancement. Our approach is rooted in real-market research, delivering a sophisticated and data-driven creative direction. This strategic blueprint is designed to fortify your brand's position and drive sustained success. 

Brand Identity

Introducing the entirety of our design assets – a meticulously curated suite encompassing logos, refined fonts and type styling, and a brand color palette. Each element is intricately aligned with the nuances of your newly defined brand strategy. This comprehensive ensemble ensures a seamless and visually compelling representation across diverse brand touchpoints.

Brand Assets

Elevate your launch strategy with our custom Icons, patterns, visual identity, logo variations and more all within your 32 page brand identity packet. Meticulously designed for maximum impact, these assets seamlessly blend aesthetics and messaging to amplify your brand's unique essence. Engage your audience effectively across platforms and step confidently into the spotlight with visually captivating content.

Thanks again, Amanda! I am really excited for this and just breathing in all the manifestation and positivity  that I have that this will come out exactly  the way it's meant to be.

Susie B, CEo, Balance in Serenity

Custom Website Design

Dreaming of a website that hustles for you, even when you're catching that beauty sleep? I've got you covered! Imagine a website that not only attracts traffic but turns those visitors into your ride-or-die customers. Let's join forces and we'll strategize a website that's all about those bells and whistles.

From design to development, consider it handled. Picture a site that dances with responsiveness, animation, and a vibe that screams YOU.  Your fresh website is not just a pretty face; it's a powerhouse optimized for maximum impact. Get ready to leave a jaw-dropping impression on your visitors, turning them into loyal, paying customers

A website should sell for you

What should I expect?

Week 1

Week 2-3

Week 3-4




We're all ears! We'll dance through two rounds of revisions per page, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision and goals.

Get ready for some magic. We'll present you with a stunning, functional, and entirely bespoke website that's optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms. Think of it as a tailor-made fit that your brand.

We'll formulate a meticulous plan to organize your website content for optimal conversions. Following that, we'll sit down for a pow-wow to discuss the creative direction, aligning it seamlessly with the strategic blueprint we've crafted.

Week 5


We'll fine-tune and seamlessly transfer your site, gearing you up for an epic launch. Ensuring you're not just equipped with a stunning new site but also the know-how to navigate and own it like a pro. It's not just a website; it's a digital masterpiece ready to conquer the online realm. 

What's Included

Continued support

Just because  your website is up and running doesn’t mean our relationship comes to an end like a toxic ex. I am here for you, if you need continued support or a 1:1 learning session on how to update your site on your own.

5 page website

Experience the power of 5 uniquely crafted pages, meticulously designed and developed using the platform the best suites your needs - to redefine simplicity and streamline your path to unprecedented sales growth. Witness a transformation like never before as your digital presence becomes a sales powerhouse, seamlessly connecting with your audience and paving the way for business success

Responsive Design

A website that captivates both on your mobile and desktop screens because, let's be real, who tf uses a desktop anymore? Expect a seamless experience, ensuring your digital journey is just as dazzling on the go as it is at your desk.


Extra pages can be added for an additional fee of $1,500 per page

Starting at $6,500

Website in a Day

Picture this – we start with prebuilt templates that I have meticulously designed. These templates are like the raw ingredients in a potion, waiting to be transformed into something extraordinary.

On the day of our magical collaboration, we take these templates and infuse them with the essence of your brand. It's not just about colors and logos; it's about capturing the very soul of your business. I weave spells of personalization, ensuring that your website is as unique as the wild, untamed spirit it represents.

Every element, from the layout to the fonts, undergoes a magical transformation to align perfectly with your brand's energy. It's a blend of design expertise, creativity, and a touch of wizardry that brings the entire website to life.

So, while it might seem like sorcery, it's really the art of taking something wonderful and making it uniquely yours. Your digital revolution is sparked by the synergy of prebuilt templates and the magic we weave to make it truly enchanting. 

Instant digital presence

What should I expect?




Book your day

Client Homework

All about you

This day is all about you and it goes fast. We will be highly collaborative and you will need to be readily available 

1. Create A Pinterest Inspo Board

2. Fill Out Banding Strategy Google Doc

3. Fill Out Client Deliverables Google Doc

You book a day for your VIP day



We use a prebuilt template that We have personally curated for our website in a day packages and we take your brand personality and your pinterest inspo board and make it uniquely YOU.

What's Included

Simple Brand Board

You will receive a simple brand board to help you stay on brand 

5 page website in Showit

We begin with meticulously designed templates – the raw ingredients awaiting transformation into something extraordinary.

 infused with the essence of your brand. It's not just colors and logos; it's capturing the soul of your business.I weave personalization, ensuring a unique, enchanting website.

Every element undergoes a magical transformation, aligning perfectly with your brand's energy. It's the art of turning something wonderful into something uniquely yours. Your digital revolution starts here, a masterpiece tailored to your business. 

Responsive Design

A website that captivates both on your mobile and desktop screens because, let's be real, who tf uses a desktop anymore? Expect a seamless experience, ensuring your digital journey is just as dazzling on the go as it is at your desk.

Instant digital presence

 No more waiting for weeks or months. Our VIP day ensures that your brand is present and shining brightly in the digital realm almost instantly. Your audience won't have to wait, and neither will you!

Starting at $3,500

We have been trusted by 50+ female Founders


When will my project start?

How long will my project take?

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